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Wanna see us do a “poll” dance?

Posted: November 24, 2014

Hello Friends! Because we believe strongly in the democratic method, and that people become invested when they get options (See: Starbucks' secret to success), we have decided to come a-wassailing to you for our next musical venture. We'll be hosting a poll to let you pick a Fan Favorite to record for our next offering! Starting Thanksgiving Day and running through midnight on Christmas Eve, YOU get a say in what we play. Be sure that you?re set to receive all our notifications, and check this space on November 27th. The poll goes up as soon as the turkey and trimmings are put away!

<3 The Sugarpills


A Whole New Sugar(pill) Rush!

Posted: October 30, 2014

Spooky and spirited greetings, y?all! Have we got treats for you, with minimal tricks!

What's This 2014 Remix Single First off, we're pleased to announce a SPECIAL TRACK SNACK in honor of this candy-crazed season: our cover of "What's This?", previously available only on the full-album download, can now be yours as a sweet, sweet single. And Kevin has been toiling and troubling to make it doubly good! He went back to the original source files, added some Halloween spirit (i.e. eye of newt), and now YOU get a shiny new mix of one of our favorite tracks. You can both stream it from Soundcloud and download it for your very own through Noisetrade! It's easier than our trying to hand out candy to each and every one of you, but just as sweet.

But wait, there?s more!

We have also been asked back as guests for “The Get Off My Lawn Adults Only Christmas” radio show. Fans may recall last year's airplay of our first-album favorite, "Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes)." Old Man Freak Boy liked us enough to invite us for another round, and we will be posting airdates as soon as we know the deets from the Man himself. For those of you living near Utica, NY catch the show live at WPNR-fm 90.7. For all you other loyal listeners, we will ALSO post a link to the show's recorded broadcast as soon as it becomes available.

But there is still MORE!

The Merch Store is now bigger and better than ever, with the ability to buy items directly online and expanded offerings. In addition to vinyl stickers, Highly Favored Elf, Jul McCormick-Anesh is stitching up t-shirts with a BRAND NEW DESIGN, featuring our name and some seasonal flair. Order now and adorn your body on our behalf!

We had better stop here before someone goes into a candy-coated coma. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and be the first to know when that single is available to download. Be sure to share your early Christmas decoration sightings as you see them by tagging @TheSugarpills on Instagram or Twitter.

Now everyone be good little ghouls, girls and guys, because Christmas is just around the corner!

Happy Halloweening,
<3 The Sugarskulls Sugarpills

Christmas Goes Bi-Coastal!

Posted: September 18, 2014

Hello friends! Man, we haven't updated in a hot minute, what have we been doing that was so important? Well, Kevin and Angelica upped and moved out West, for starters, and Alexis' day job gets hot and heavy in the summer months. We are sorry but we still love you! We also still love making music, and will continue to do so. Despite being in different time zones, and thanks largely to the magic of technology and also flight.

Which leads us to announcing the next quest for the CHRISTMAS COLLECTIVE!

That's right, you crazy candy-cane kids: we are planning the next album. More colored lights, more Christmas classics, more guest artists, and more Spirits than before! So of course more than ever, we want you to be a part of it. Follow us on Facebook for the chance to participate in our November poll to pick a Fan Favorite for the 'Pills to play!

Just who is confirmed (so far) to be on Santa's Nice List for the next Sugarpills outing?

  • Emma "Chestnuts Roasting" Chong
  • Will "Evergreens" Esty
  • Alexis "Last Christmas" Leon
  • Angelica "Ocho Kandelikas" O'Boyle
  • Kevin "Kringle" O'Boyle
  • Tony ?Tinsletown" Sprayberry

While chatting with Santa to confirm the list, he also decided that because you all have been such good lads and lasses, we are adding more MERCHANDISE to the mix! One of his elves (the lovely Jul McCormick-Anesh) has already created vinyl stickers for us, which have been added to our merch page. Get 'em right off the press! We will also be adding t-shirts, so start saving your pennies now for some Christmas goose coming soon.

There's more to come, so be sure to stay in touch via Facebook: where the wassail and wishes are always warm, and the news is nice and hot!

<3 The Sugarpills

Holy sleigh-bells, we're radio stars!

Posted: December 7, 2013

Check us out on "The Get Off My Lawn Adults Only Christmas" show, airing for folks in Utica, NY on Dec. 8th and 22nd at 8pm and Dec 9th and 23rd at 11 pm on WPNR-fm 90.7 in Utica, NY. For everyone else in the world, you can listen RIGHT NOW! Just use this link and share the love! Much thanks to Old Man Freakboy and Reverend Jim for reaching out and having us on the show!

Santa Hat Microphone

The first day of December my true love (The Sugarpills) gave to me....

Posted: December 1, 2013

That's right, Santa 'Pill knows you've all been exceptionally good boys and girls and is here to present to you our Stocking Stuffer Sampler, available today. With three new Christmas covers and a bigger, badder, better version of our classic fan favorite, "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You," this tasty treat is sure to please, and is our gift to you. Visit our Music Page to grab your copy in any of a multitude of formats. As ever, all our music is free, so be sure to share the love with all your family and friends!

Stocking Stuffer Sampler

Wishing you the spirits of the season (both the boozy and the heartfelt kinds),
<3 The Sugarpills

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